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· The stage is set deaths shadow sideboard guide for a new Modern format. 10 Cantrips: The cantrip and card selection suite is usually about 10 deep, made up of Serum Visions. Now I’ll break the bad news: my results playing with the deck were fairly unimpressive. I guess the delve cards aren&39;t quite as good in Mardu Death&39;s Shadow which doesn&39;t have deaths shadow sideboard guide the support of Thought Scour and other cantrips to really stock up the graveyard. Enjoy some of the best Magic and Pokémon content in deaths shadow sideboard guide the world while you explore Singles, Boosters, Sleeves, Decks, and Boxes. At its core, Death’s Shadow is a bit like a Delver deck, with one key difference: whereas Delver usually wants to play threats and then disrupt the opponent, Death’s Shadow wants to disrupt the opponent and then play threats.

· Grixis Death’s Shadow Guide: First Place at Grand Prix Toronto By Michael Rapp / Febru Octo Michael Rapp took Death’s Shadow all the way to the trophy in Toronto—and today he breaks down his list and sideboard plan! Mardu Shadow is a tempo-driven strategy, which makes use of Ranger-Captain of Eos. The problem with this archetype is that the sideboard is in continuous flux, and the guide. Affinity: -4 Thoughtseize, -2 Liliana, the Last Hope, -2 Collective Brutality, (-1 Mishra’s Bauble); +4 Fatal Push, +4 Lingering Souls, (+1 deaths shadow sideboard guide Anger of the Gods). . There&39;s no denying that Death&39;s Shadow decks are skill intensive and make deaths shadow sideboard guide you work for your wins, but this guide to Modern Death&39;s Shadow will give you a head start in understanding how the deck works. Now we must shadow figure out if Humans still has a place it in.

burn: -4 seize, +2 brutality, +2 bolt. If not, you should definitely read Part 1 and Part 2 since they deaths shadow sideboard guide remain the go-to guide deaths shadow sideboard guide for playing Death&39;s Shadow Aggro. It is the perfect time for a new list and in-depth sideboard guide with twenty-five archetypes; telling you what to board in. · Mardu Death’s Shadow provides a solid shell for Path to exist and thrive in, and is deaths shadow sideboard guide not small part of why this deck has deaths shadow sideboard guide a favorable Hogaak matchup.

But Death&39;s Shadow decks have deaths shadow sideboard guide already deaths shadow sideboard guide put up a few good performances online. · Shadow Aggro vs. The deck is full of other one-drops that can also pull their weight. This deck aims to quickly reduce its own life total, to not only allow Death&39;s Shadow to survive, but become quite large for its cheap mana cost. Marsh Casualties – In the sideboard Death’s Shadow usually plays a couple copies of Marsh Casualties to help with True-Name Nemesis or deaths other 1 toughness creatures. Sideboarding; My suggestion is to sideboard in the following way: In +1 Liliana, the Last Hope +2 Engineered Explosives +1 Lightning Bolt +1 Jace, Vryn’s deaths shadow sideboard guide Prodigy // Jace, Telepath Unbound +1 Kolaghan’s Command. It shadow cleans up Blood Moon s, Aria deaths shadow sideboard guide of Flames, guide Batterskull s, and can occasionally two-for-one by casting both sides. This makes our best cards: Fatal Push, Dismember, Snapcaster Mage, Thoughtseize / Inquisition of Kozilek, and Death’s Shadow.

Every good Death&39;s Shadow list starts the same:. Example,opponent is attacking with two 3/3 creatures death shadow block one creature and let the other one deal combat damage your deaths shadow sideboard guide oppoenent will think the death shadow will die but unfortunately for them the 3 damage increased the size of death shadow and in fact their creature dies and. Powerful sideboard deaths shadow sideboard guide cards are a must in Modern, so deaths being able to tutor up Collector Ouphe and Plague Engineer is another big point for Jund Shadow. I cast the Death’s Shadow at 5 health with Stubborn Denial to back it up. 1 Abrupt Decay 1 Assassin&39;s Trophy 4 Death&39;s Shadow 2 Dismember 1 Drown in the Loch 3 Fatal Push 2 Inquisition of Kozilek. Blood Moon is a strong option, and in fact it may be among the most common sideboard cards in all of Modern. What this deck defines is raw power: Efficiency, Effectiveness, Flexibility and Explosion. Today I&39;m going over them one by one!

Shutting down fancy lands is vital in a format that has fetchlands, man-lands, utility lands and Valakut, and it works against everything from mono-green Tron to greedy decks like Death&39;s Shadow to Esper Control. · Finally, Jund Shadow is the most consistent Shadow deck at finding “silver bullet” creatures from the sideboard. Death&39;s Shadow Aggro Guide (Sui-Sideboarding) You might have already read Magnus Lantto&39;s 2-part article on Death&39;s Shadow Aggro.

· The following turn, deaths shadow sideboard guide I top-decked a Death’s Shadow and immediately knew a win was within reach. A few days ago, you got to see my latest decklist and the results of my 20 most played matchups. A former staple of Death&39;s Shadow decks it seems that recent builds are cutting down on the ferocious fish. But there’s one variant I have yet to see: Dimir Shadow. · Jund Death’s Shadow In Modern! Understandable given the recent success of Tron, but I don’t actually deaths shadow sideboard guide think the Tron matchup is that guide bad. Death&39;s Shadow has some weird interaction with damage. When I first looked at this deck, these spots were Fulminator Mage.

tron: -4 push, +2 charm, guide +2 rejection. · Welcome to Death’s Shadow Jund, deaths shadow sideboard guide the newest and most successful iteration of both the Jund archetype deaths shadow sideboard guide deaths and Death’s Shadow archetype in modern. Portland Paper 2,091 views. It is very streamlined in putting shadows out quickly and cards like Tarfire can help grow them if needed. | Dredge VS Four-Color Death&39;s Shadow. Wear/Tear closes our sideboard, much in the way Abrade opens it: Versatility over power. The super interesting thing about the deck is that it actually rewards you for taking damage. The bigger our Death&39;s Shadows are the better off we are.

Young Pyromancer. . 4 Gurmag Angler 4 Death’s Shadow. · Grixis Death’s Shadow decks tend to feast on combo decks because of Thoughtseize and Inquisition deaths shadow sideboard guide of Kozilek, which strip combo pieces from the opponent’s hand. Grixis Death’s Shadow, as a deck, is quite similar to Jund Death’s Shadow(herein known as DSJ) in playstyle, and Grixis Delver in card composition.

· Pairing it with Death’s Shadow at all is a little challenging, since Shadow all but requires pilots to pack Thoughtseize (a disrupt-then-commit cards at odds with Delver’s status as an ideal turn-one play) and Street Wraith (a creature deaths shadow sideboard guide that doesn’t flip Delver). This number rarely fluctuates as the fourth copy is often in the sideboard. Sideboard guide for 4c Shadow?

deaths shadow sideboard guide eldrazi tron: -2 dismember, +2 rejection. However, it still provides shadow a substantial and cheap threat. The Rakdos Death’s Shadow mirror is a bit about the deaths shadow sideboard guide big doofuses and a bit about stealing games from abbreviated life totals with your prowess threats. With only 4, dealing a lot of self damage isn&39;t always deaths shadow sideboard guide worth playing shadow over another threat. Spurred on by the success deaths of Legacy Death’s Shadow, as well as my own curiosity, I’ve decided to bring Blue-Black Death’s Shadow into Modern. I’ve explained the appeal of Grixis Death’s Shadow, why people like it, and some of the reasons why it wins so much.

· For Mardu Shadow, this can happen rather abruptly because drawing another removal spell, Death’s Shadow, or Temur Battle Rage can change the look of the battlefield drastically. These are not decks that a Grixis Death’s Shadow player should prepare to defend with the sideboard; the main deck already deaths shadow sideboard guide does a good enough job of that. Thankfully we now have the Fresh Prince to help us through. · Death’s Shadow Mirror-2 Temur Battle Rage, -2 Lightning Bolt +2 Liliana of the Veil, +1 Liliana the Last Hope, +1 deaths shadow sideboard guide Jace, Vryn’s Prodigy This is a war of attrition and if you know that you are facing this shadow matchup you should choose to be on the draw. See more results.

· This isn’t an exhaustive Death’s Shadow sideboarding guide, but it should give you a good place to start deaths shadow sideboard guide from when tuning for your own local meta (where you’ll likely want to play more than one of deaths some of these cards). Young Pyromancer is deaths an incredibly versatile card that you can bring in for a variety of. have been standard in the main deck of Death’s Shadow for some time now. · Modern Mondays Mardu Death&39;s Shadow V Grixis Death&39;s ShadowDuration: 27:51. It is often used in the upkeep of the opponent, which protects the threats of the Mardu Shadow player pretty good.

· VS Death’s Shadow Mirrors It really feels like the red-based prowess decks and Thoughtseize guide decks have formally condensed into this deck in the last week or two. Much like Abrade, you want to bring this in against must answer threats only, as it does reduce consistency in your deck. Death&39;s Shadow is a card that has seen its stock rise in Modern a lot in recent times. My opponent went for the Path to Exile, but I was able to protect my Death’s Shadow, which is fortunate because the next card on top of my deck was The Royal Scions. · Decklists: html Subscribe to us for deaths more Magic content: SIDEBOARD GUIDE storm: -1 scions, +1 anger. This can be deaths shadow sideboard guide risky, especially when enemy burn spells are involved, but the payoff can be huge. Corey Baumeister’s ready to go to one life if he can take deaths his opponent to zero!

Dredge -4 Thoughtseize, -1 Fatal Push (draw)-3 Fatal Push, -2 Dismember (play). · It also makes your instant and sorcery sideboard cards all the more potent. I remember some time ago it was a fringe combo card in decks that were running Angel&39;s Grace and Phyrexian Unlife to go deaths shadow sideboard guide into deaths shadow sideboard guide a negative life total for the turn and then Fling or Rite of Consumption for the win. · Modern’s seen a lot of Death’s Shadow variants, ranging from Jund to Esper to 4-Color to my personal favorite, Grixis.

What to Watch Out For. deaths shadow sideboard guide · Grixis Death’s Shadow has certainly gone through its paces since, but the most recent pre-Ikoria version of the deck is a good starting place for learning what the deck does. For your reference, this is the decklist once again. Death&39;s deaths shadow sideboard guide Shadow itself is a 13/13 for just B, and it gets -X/-X, where X is its controller&39;s life total. The Ultimate Death&39;s Shadow Matchup Guide.

Welcome deaths shadow sideboard guide to another Becoming A Modern Man! · Bullets like Ranger of Eos and sideboard plans like 4 Lingering Souls (for which splashing is trivial) effectively “draw” tons deaths shadow sideboard guide of cards against deaths shadow sideboard guide the correct decks, and that’s assuming Death Shadow Jund’s hyper-consistent discard-into-enormous-threat plan falls through. Channelfireball is a trusted platform to buy and sell Magic: The Gathering and Pokémon cards online.

But it’s Tasigur and Angler who require the most setup to function. While deaths counterspells seem great to pair with a creature like Death&39;s Shadow, I still prefer a Jund base deaths shadow sideboard guide because: You have 8 shadows with Traverse. This deck was built to be played as a midrange deck (Jund style) while deaths shadow sideboard guide having an edge in the mirror. Watch him pilot Jund Death’s Shadow on Magic Online! This matchup relies deaths shadow sideboard guide on a turn two Death’s Shadow and dodging Deflecting Palm post sideboard. Being able to both search for Death’s Shadow and preventing opponent’s from deaths casting spells on a given turn is pretty strong.